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Mason Myers

Hi, I'm Mason Myers, the General Partner and an investor at Greybull Stewardship, an investment partnership of business owners investing in exceptional businesses.

  • Business Owner / Manager and Investor - strong management teams, competitive advantages, positive corporate cultures, and strong models interest me more than financial engineering.
  • I find enjoyment in working with business owners and unique businesses
  • Since my high school years in Omaha, Nebraska, I have been a fan of Berkshire Hathaway strategies and philosophies
  • I love to ski, hike and bicycle
  • In 1993 I rode across the country on a bicycle to help raise money for a charity
  • Outside interests include travel, reading and exploring the outdoors
  • Childhood spent near Yellowstone National Park, engaged in Teton National Park, and married in Yosemite National Park. Golden Gate National Recreation Area is where I spend most weekends.

Mason Myers's Background

Mason Myers's Experience

General Partner at Greybull Stewardship

2010 - Present | San Francisco Bay Area

Mason Myers leads Greybull Stewardship and he is responsible for all investment decisions. Mason founded Greybull Stewardship in 2010 as a business owner looking to build a portfolio of outstanding businesses and provide them a stable, long-term, and supportive owner. I remain co-owner of National Holistic Institute.

President (Owner-Manager) at National Holistic Institute

2003 - 2009 | Emeryville, CA

National Holistic Institute is the leading college of massage therapy in the United States. The school was founded in 1979 and was the first massage therapy school accredited in California and one of the first in the world. It’s faculty and staff have won numerous awards and recognitions, and it has been a leader in massage education for decades. The college currently has seven campuses in California.

Investor at Zipcar

2002 - 2002 | Cambridge, MA

Used MBA student loan money to invest in Zipcar. Zipcar goes public in 2011.

Executive Vice President at Student Advantage

1997 - 2000 | Boston, MA

Venture financing from Greylock, IPO, many acquisitions, stock price from $8 to $30, managed a portfolio of acquired companies (Executive Vice President of University Services and Operations)

Entrepreneur / Founder at Main Quad, Inc.

1995 - 1997 | San Francisco Bay Area

Main Quad was a start-up and one of the first online communities for college students. It later merged with Student Advantage. Mission statement: “To connect college students to each other, themselves, and the world.” Remind you of anything?

Project Manager at Smart Valley

1994 - 1995 | San Francisco Bay Area

A non-profit implementing Internet projects in Silicon Valley.

Independent Contractor at MFS Communications Company, Inc.

1994 - 1994 | Omaha, NE

I wrote an unpublished book about MFS and the changing telecom industry titled At the Speed of Light. In writing the book, I worked directly with Jim Crowe and the executive team of MFS to document the history of the company. MFS was eventually sold to WorldCom for around $12 billion. The MFS executive team is now utilizing their knowledge to create Level 3 Communications.

Independent Journalist at Various Publications and Newspapers

1993 - 1994 | Omaha, NE

Reporter and writer for the Boise Idaho-Statesman, Midlands Business Journal, Raleigh News and Observer, and New York Times.

Mason Myers's Education

Harvard Business School

2000 – 2002

Masters Business Administration

Concentration: Business Administration

Duke University

1989 – 1993

Bachelor of Arts cum laude

Concentration: Public Policy

Mason Myers's Interests & Activities

Travel, Reading, Bicycling, the Outdoors. --- Volunteer Consultant, Golden Gate National Parks Consultancy --- Chairman, Emeryville Chamber of Commerce (2009 - 2011) --- President, CAPPS - California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (2010 - 2011)

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